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TLC for Planet Earth

darkstar Events UK stands for one thing, quality events and a first rate service offering. In line with that philosophy we offer a first rate service offering for the planet we live on, that’s why we operate a Carbon Neutral Events policy through carbon offsetting, recycling and a sustainability policy – you don’t opt in and you can’t opt out (and we certainly don’t charge you for this service), its just something we like to do.

Carbon Offsetting: As with all companies, we create a Carbon Footprint. From the pre-event preparation to the travel, the venue and the electricity used to run your conference or event, we make an impact on the environment. At darkstar Events UK it is our company policy to take responsibility for this carbon footprint and offset the emissions created.

As part of darkstar Events UK's commitment to provide Carbon Neutral Events we have gone into partnership with Carbon Footprint Ltd - an ISO 14001 accredited multi award-winning Carbon Management Consultancy -  providing us with customised tools to calculate our carbon footprint effectively, offset this footprint and independent verification of our commitment to providing Carbon Neutral Events.

How do we offset? Through Carbon Offsetting Projects. We currently offset our Carbon Footprint through our sponsorship of tree planting projects in the UK and beyond. Each tree planted ‘breathes in’ approximately 1 ton of CO2 over its lifetime so we plant at least 1 tree for every ton of CO2 that we create.

Recycling: The events industry is responsible for creating incredible amounts of waste. For most companies it's all too easy to pack up after a long event, throw all of the waste into a bin and head home. At darkstar Events UK we have made it our company policy to take all of our waste back to our offices for sorting and recycling.

Why recycle? Unfortunately, in line with the short-term nature of most events, the useful life of most event materials is no more than a day or two because when next year's event or conference comes around, you will inevitably have a new motto, venue or colour scheme and last year's materials will be redundant. Recycling saves energy and natural resources, thus reducing green house gas emissions. Recycling in the UK alone last year is estimated to have reduced CO2 by 18 million tonnes – the equivalent of planting 18 million trees, or taking 5 million cars off the road!!

Sustainability: Sustainability is a very broad subject but in essence it tackles our rapid consumption of natural resources and the desire to ensure quality of life for everyone on this planet now and in the future: a balanced and enduring approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social responsibility. Our vision at darkstar Events UK is to create and maintain a better world now and for generations to come.

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