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The year is 1920 and while prohibition takes a hold across America, the Jazz Age is rapidly evolving in underground clubs and nightspots. Glitz, glamour and opulence is the order of the day and what better reason to celebrate!


Upon arrival at your choice of venue, your guests will saunter down the red carpet and pass through our glamorous vanity bulb entranceway.


Upon entering the function room, all eyes will be drawn to the sumptuous starcloth backdrop offset with an luxurious red velvet drape, giant illuminated letters spelling out the year and art deco light boxes.


Around the room, clusters of palm trees will give a feeling of extravagance and mirror the shape of our glamorous ostrich feather table centres.


At the back of the room, hand-painted merry-go-round horses, a working fountain and ornate gazebo provide the ideal opportunity to gather for a drink with friends and colleagues or the perfect back-drop as you dance the night away...

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