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1940s Wartime

As the war rages across the country and rationing is in full force, we have pulled out all of the stops to provide you and your guests with the most glamorous party that the British wartime has ever seen. Allow us to transport you back to the historical 1940s where you will be entertained with an outstanding swing band, wowed by our spectacular props and hosted by our welcoming officers and army guards.

Upon arrival your guests will be greeted at our sentry box by an armed guard before being allowed to pass through the raising barrier and into the main function room. The room will be a spectacular array of 1940s theming, from patriotic bunting to the intermittent air raid sirens and the distant flickers of the Blitz. As the haunting sounds of Vera Lynn fill the air guests will be invited to take their seats for dinner amongst the giant ration packs, battered luggage trunks, sand bags and wartime memorabilia.

With professional smoke and lighting effects, iconic props and wartime posters, and a host of themed event staff, this promises to be a night to remember...

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