Back to School

At our School Themed Party we invite you to don your school uniform one last time in a riotous celebration of your long forgotten school days...!

Join us in the school corridors where you will be welcomed by the Principal and his favourite pupils - the head boy and head girl. Be sure not to step out of line or their watchful eyes will have you in detention before the evening is out! Enjoy a selection of your favourite penny sweets from our tuck shop, let your naughty side run wild on our graffiti wall and mingle with your friends whilst enjoying a school-canteen style canapé but be sure to be in the Great Hall in time for your lessons…


Upon entering the Great Hall you will need to check which house you have been assigned to this term then take your seat and keep your wits about you as (between the courses of your school dinner) we take you through a number of “school lessons”. From Chemistry (what mysterious coloured liquid - read: alcoholic beverage - is in the test tubes) to Music (join us for a good old fashioned Karaoke-style sing-a-long to some of your favourite School Day songs) and the dreaded English class where your spelling will be tested to the limit. Finally, make your way to the dance floor and dance the night away to your favourite School Days tunes...

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