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Back to the Future

Allow us to transport you back to the 1980s where Doc Emmet Brown has just invented the world’s first time machine! Then, with keen assistance from his best friend Marty McFly, we will transport you even further back to November 12th 1955 where the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance is in full swing.


Your event will start with a drinks reception in a classic American Diner complete with lifesize statues of Marilyn Monroe, oversized popcorn cartons and wooden A-Boards asking you to “Save the Clock Tower”.


As guests take their seats for dinner we up the tempo and invite you to join us at the High School dance itself, complete with glistening shimmer curtain, oversized sea creature cut-outs and Neptune taking pride of place at the centre of the room.


Guests will dine in the shadow of the clock tower with LED azalea trees, American flags and the flicker of lightning in the distance…


If budget allows, we will also bring a real life DeLorean to your event - the perfect photo opportunity to allow you to boast to your friends when you go “back to the future”!

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