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The Big Picture

Make a lasting impression as we challenge your team to come together to paint a group  masterpiece. With a uniquely commissioned design that will only be revealed when the individual elements of the picture are brought together during the grand finale, this is the team programme where every individual’s contribution really counts!


Divided into teams, the group will initially go head‐to head in a series of activities to earn themselves art materials for the main challenge. The teams will then be tasked with painting large pieces of the masterpiece with guidance only from a small template. Good communication and cross‐team collaboration will be essential here as they race against the clock to complete their masterpieces in time. The group will then be called forward to place their freshly painted artwork into the big picture and as the last piece is inserted, the picture is revealed.


The final image will be custom designed from your specification making the final artwork as individual as the team who created it. With the incorporation of company logos, slogans and any other themes, the result will be a colourful and lasting reminder of your day.

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