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Black Cab Treasure Hunt

Starting at a Central London location of your choice, your team will be given an initial cryptic clue which will take them to our fleet of shiny black London cabs, each complete with their own genuine London cabbie to drive you around for the day.


Teams will then need to navigate their way to the various clue locations (with a bit of guidance from your friendly cabbie who has “the knowledge” to help you take the best shortcuts and steal an advantage over the other teams) where they will either need to solve a traditional style of treasure hunt clue or interact with one of our live clues and undertake a team challenge in order to proceed.


The clues will take you to some of the most famous landmarks around London from the Houses of Parliament to the London Eye and the black cab will be yours for the duration of the challenge. As the clock runs out, the teams must find the final rendezvous point where the answers will be collected and scored before we announce which team will be crowned the winners and rewarded with champagne and medals. This is one of the finest ways to see the best of the London sights from the comfort of a modern fleet of black cabs. Come rain or shine, your teams will be racing to the finish line to claim their prize!

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