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Calendar Girls (and boys!)

Let’s start by explaining that we’re not going to ask you to take your clothes off (though if you’d like to get back to nature and cover up any wobbly bits with carefully placed items of fruit or pieces of furniture then who are we to dampen your creativity)!


Calendar Girls is a fun teambuilding challenge which will see your team producing your very own company or departmental calendar, and you are the stars of the photographs!


We have an extensive costume and prop shop which we invite you to dive into as you decide who or what should feature on each month’s page. From topical themes such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day to key moments in your company’s history (how about including the company’s birthday?) we will get you working together to create the very best photographs.


After a little bit of posing practice and some guidance from our experienced team, our professional photographer will snap away and capture your unique set of 12 photographs. These will then be produced into glossy calendars and sent to you post-event as a special memento of your day!

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