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Chocolate Challenge

Loosely following the format of the popular “Apprentice” series, our Chocolate Challenge will see teams compete against each other in a furious battle of marketing, design and creativity as they fight to design the best box of chocolates and accompanying marketing campaign.


After a characteristically abrupt challenge brief from our very own “Sir Alan Sucre”, teams will be introduced to the world of chocolate through an introductory session with our professional chocolatiers during which teams will come to understand how to taste chocolate as well as learning the core skills in the art of chocolate making. Teams will then race against the clock to design, create, package and market a box of chocolates which will be presented to the panel of judges before the ultimate decision is made about which team will be hired and which will be fired.


With tasks ranging from manufacturing a new product to creating a catchy radio jingle to promote the product, the teams will be pushed to their limits as they attempt to outwit the other teams and claim victory.


As the decision draws near, which teams will be able to hold their nerve in the boardroom and which will crumble under the pressure. The only thing that is certain is that only one team will hear those immortal words “you’re hired”...

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