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Cookery School

What better way to get to know your team than to enjoy a gourmet meal together? What about if the meal had to be prepared and cooked by yourselves…?

Armed with a selection of recipes and a cash budget, the teams will initially have to source their own ingredients for the best possible price using negotiation skills in the local markets and shops. Upon return to the kitchen, the teams will be welcomed with a Prosecco reception before getting down to serious business in the kitchen!

Under the guidance of our professional chefs, the teams will cook, fry, sizzle and chop their way to success. Teams will be given recipes, ingredients and methods to follow but the planning, delegation of tasks and presentation of the dishes are at the discretion of the team.

This is a fast-paced and exciting team programme where every individual and team will be pushed to their maximum potential in the kitchen as they fight to avoid being awarded with the dreaded wooden spoon! Learning a variety of skills from the basics of chopping to those exquisite finishing touches, as well as the necessity of good team work, this has been described as “the best team building event yet”.

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