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Crashing Waiters

Our undercover team mingle with the venue staff at your dinner and your delegates become accustomed to them as everyday waiters and bar staff. After a while, your guests notice that some of the ‘waiting staff’ are rather noisier than expected...

All of a sudden, coffee cups go down and a crash is heard. Someone has dropped a tray! The Maitre D’ screams. The sound of dropped trays and screams repeats and starts to form a rhythm. The guests soon realise that some of the waiters are not what they appear to be.


A highly energised and talented group of professional dancers and musicians, cleverly disguised as the Maitre D’, cheeky waiters and the fiery chef delight your guests with a fabulous ‘Stomp’-like performance.


After this high energy performance, the fun really begins. In a short interactive session, we invite either selected volunteers, or the entire room, to join us in a rhythmic table-to table competition. Bags of wooden spoons, sieves, frying pans and other kitchen utensils are handed out to each table, allowing guests to be instantly transformed into a funky percussion group, to their surprise and delight.

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