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Crime Scene Investigation

Congratulations, you and your team have just qualified to attend our prestigious CSI training school. Over the course of this short but demanding training programme you will be put through your paces in a number of the key disciplines required to solve the toughest of crimes.


You will need to keep your wits about you, develop a steady hand, a keen eye for detail and question everything as we guide you through the exercises. Only the toughest will qualify and become one of the elite CSI squad.


Example Training Exercises:

  • Psychology Tests - can you judge someone’s emotions from only their eyes, can you mentally rotate an object in your head? Tough tests for a tough audience.

  • CCTV Observation - keep a keen eye on our CCTV footage as we test your powers of observation and recall.

  • The Crime Scene - your first opportunity to analyse a crime scene. What has happened, why and by who - only you can decide...

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