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Crystal Challenge

Take a step back to the 90s as we invite you to step inside the Crystal Dome! Armed with only your wits and imagination, each team will be tasked with completing a selection of challenges in our exciting Tropical Zone, complete with faux palm trees, rubber snakes and all manner of treasures. Challenges vary and you will need a wide selection of skills in your team in order to conquer our Physical, Mental and Skill Based challenges.


Crystals are awarded for the successful completion of a task and each crystal will be vital when teams come together for the final challenge. As the teams gather and the tension mounts, each team will need to nominate one individual to step inside our Crystal Cash Box where they will be racing against the clock to collect as many gold tokens as they can whilst avoiding the silver ones.


After a nail-biting wait, the final scores will be counted and one team will reign victorious and walk away with the champagne and medals.

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