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In Search of the Da Vinci Code

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to discover the Holy Grail?

Our interactive Da Vinci Treasure Hunt will throw you and your team head first into the world of ancient riddles and cryptic puzzles.

Starting from an initial rendezvous point of your choice, teams will be given a team pack which outlines their mission and a series of clues which they will have to follow in order to crack the code.


Teams will need to carefully plan their route around some of the city’s most historical sites in order to reach the final destination before any of the other teams if they wish to claim the grand prize. What awaits them along the way are some fascinating locations and a world of exciting puzzles and curious challenges.


This is a fun and inspiring treasure hunt which will get teams working together as they fight for the winning title!


Optional Extra: For the ultimate Grand Finale, we can also arrange for the final rendezvous point to be in the Louvre, Paris. As the teams reach what they believe to be the final rendezvous point, we will instead whisk them away to France with a high speed journey on the Eurostar, enjoying a glass of bubbly on the way, then the race will be on for each team to reach the Louvre ahead of the others and crack the code to claim the prize.


After a victorious prize giving ceremony, we suggest enjoying some of France’s finest cuisine in one of the local restaurants before we transport you all safely back to London, or we can arrange accommodation in Paris for the night.

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