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Escape Room

You enter a room and the door is locked behind you. As a team you now have 60 minutes to solve a series of clues and successfully escape from the room.


Very few activities immerse you in a world where you think of nothing except the task at hand. This does! It’s unique, it’s fantastic fun, it’s challenging, it’s pure escapism and it is excellent for teambuilding. You may be surprised at how well you automatically pull together in a unified team as you try to unlock the key to escape!

Based at ExCel London, between 2 and 6 players can enter a room together. With 13 purpose built escape rooms, up to 78 of you can simultaneously compete head-to-head to escape first - this is the only escape venue in Europe that can enable such a large group to race against each other simultaneously. This considerably adds to the pressure, excitement and adrenaline rush, as if it wasn’t tense enough already!

Location: ExCel London

Minimum Numbers: 2

Maximum Numbers: 78

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