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First Gear

It’s time to rev your engines as we invite you and your team to take part in your very own car challenge. Armed with a fully working motor car and with our mechanics on hand to advise you on some of the finer details of vehicle renovation, teams will be tasked with transforming an ordinary car into a multi-emergency vehicle!

Upon arrival, teams will be greeted by our untamed racing car driver and presented with a gold envelope containing their challenge and details of their assigned vehicle. After pausing to reminisce over the soon-to-be-forgotten Ford Escort or snigger at the opposing team’s Nissan Micra, it’s time to get cracking as we open the darkstar body shop and invite participants to get creative. Armed with spray cans, beaded seat covers, police sirens and a vast selection of other useful items the teams will be tasked with transforming their motor into a car that can handle any manner of emergency. 

As the finale nears, teams will put the finishing touches to their creations before putting their vehicles to the test in a range of emergency scenarios, from a riot to rescuing an injured patient.


This is the unforgettable and highly entertaining event where you get to turn a rust bucket into a rescue vehicle as we invite you to “Pimp your ride”.

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