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Generation Game

Didn’t they do well…! Just like the much-loved TV show, this is the Game Show where guests are invited as a group to copy a selection of varied and entertaining challenges in every round. After an initial expert demonstration, help is at hand as each team attempts to gain maximum points to the amusement of other participants. With every guest playing every game, this is a fast, frantic and highly competitive activity that will be remembered for years to come!


This refreshing re-work of the classic TV show is a must for any event and is a positive way to alleviate the pressure of work or a conference. The rounds are presenter led by your eccentric host and assistants with a conveyor belt finale for all the teams. This event can even be tailored to any individual company requirements, as different activities can be added to the rounds.


Team Generation Game is suitable for all ages and any number of guests. With hilarious rounds ranging from balloon modeling to pasta making and even line dancing, it’s fast, visual and very amusing!

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