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The Great Team Bake Off

While cooking programmes and baking challenges are taking the country by storm, we bring you the ultimate team cooking challenge in the form of our Great Team Bake Off!


Armed with ingredients and basic recipes, each team will race against the clock to complete a number of baking related challenges which will be judged by our scrutinising judges in the great bake off finale.


  • Technical Challenge - Which team can create a perfect swiss roll from scratch? Taste, presentation and the “perfect bake” will all be key in this challenge!

  • Signature Challenge - Teams will create bread from scratch and give their bake a personal touch with their own choice of ingredients and presentation.

  • Showstopper Challenge - Teams will need a steady hand as they construct and decorate a beautiful gingerbread house.


Only one team can be crowned “Star Bakers” and walk away with the medals and the teams will need to give it their all to avoid being awarded with the dreaded wooden spoons!

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