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Your delegates take their seats and all seems well. The doors shut behind the last guests, and the world music that has been playing as they enter is increased in volume, signifying the start of the conference. Suddenly...silence. Then the Roar of ‘the call’ …the loud and exciting tribal call of the lead the team their cue to storm the stage. They then perform the ‘HAKA’ to the delight (and surprise) of your guests.

Within moments of our team finishing, we have everyone on their feet, and take them on a whirlwind energiser where they will learn and perform the HAKA as one unified team. Your group will experience 100% Maori passion from our Haka masters – some of whom are related to the original tribesmen who wrote this Haka. Focus, commitment and achievement delivered in one authentic event.

Building towards a powerful finale performance, the group will go head to head in a bit of healthy tribal competition. Then the battle for tribal supremacy is won as we come together as one tribe for the ultimate Haka. This is an event which focuses on triumphing over adversity...about facing all of your challenges head on with a positive mental attitude.

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