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The task is simple - as a team and travelling by foot you must visit a series of locations where you will need to solve treasure hunt style clues and reach the final rendezvous before time runs out. But there is a twist! Your location is being tracked at all times by our team of expert hunters. These hunters are trying to hunt you down to make you fail and they have the skills, the knowledge and the resources to find you, wherever and whoever you are!


Using the latest in tracking technology your position can be determined at any time on a  digital map but, to give you a fighting chance, our hunters are only allowed to access this data every 20 minutes so you will need to move fast and avoid obvious routes. To assist you further your team can also access the tracking data so you can identify the location of the hunters and try to avoid capture. Capture by the hunters will result in a team penalty in the form of a challenge that must be completed before the team can proceed. As time is of the essence your team will want to avoid these challenges at all costs!


Starting and finishing at a location of your choice and with a bespoke route written with your team in mind, this is an exciting and unique team event with an nail-biting finale. This year, take part in your own real-life thriller as your team goes on the run from our expert hunters!

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