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Interactive Treasure Hunt

Our interactive treasure hunts are unlike any other treasure hunt you will have encountered! Starting from a rendezvous point of your choice, teams will be sent on their way to solve a number of cryptic and unusual clues. Along the way they will meet a host of “mysterious characters” (from a “Roaming Catholic” to Elvis!) who they will need to interact with in order to obtain the vital information they need to proceed.

In addition to deciphering the cryptic clues, teams will also be tasked with completing a number of challenges which will test their team work and creativity to the limit. Teams will need to keep their wits about them if they are to beat the other teams to the treasure!

Our treasure hunts are written bespokely to fit around your locations and time frame and we reward the winning team with a bottle of champagne and medals so they can celebrate their victory in style!


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