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Make a Scene

Make a Scene is the fast-paced event that turns your teams from individuals to movie stars as they produce their very own feature films!


Issued with a headline and theme, each team must script, produce, and act in their very own two minute movie. Teams will need to assign roles from Director to Script Writer and Make-up Artist as well as identifying the budding stars and starlets amongst the group who are ready to give their best performance in front of the cameras.


In addition to creating an award-worthy movie, each team will also need to promote their creation through an interactive Storyboard. The headlines and features will already be in place but the teams will need to sell their production with visual and creative content.


For the purposes of the event, your room will be transformed into a working studio with professional cameramen, green screen backdrops, a colourful prop and costume shop, make-up studio and print room. All that is needed is the creativity and imagination of the teams as they go head-to-head to take Hollywood by storm!

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