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Take a journey from an old children’s attic to the mystical land of Narnia where an eternal winter waits to greet you.


Upon arrival at the venue, your guests will be surrounded by the familiar sights of an old attic, complete with rustic rocking horse, a Victorian pram and an array of tea crates, dusty stacks of luggage and piles of worn books.


Guests will be invited to push past the rail of fur coats as they step through the wooden wardrobe and into the icy wonderland of Narnia that lies beyond.


Beyond the wardrobe lies a forest of snow flocked fir trees surrounded by a snow floor. At the front of the room, a lifesize replica of Aslan the lion will be standing proud in front of a frosty backdrop and elegant white tree silhouettes. Victorian lampposts will light the way and snowflakes will dance on the walls.


Relive the magic of the most popular of children’s tales as you enjoy an evening in the beautiful land of Narnia...

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