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Olympic Team Challenge

This inspiring group activity begins with teams designing and creating their own flag to raise in the Opening Ceremony Parade. Then it’s straight into action as participants take part in a number of alternative “Olympic disciplines” which guarantee to generate an amazing atmosphere and a healthy competitive spirit.


Working to the theme of the Olympic Games, the event is conducted as if each team is representing a different country. Teams enter the arena to a fanfare of music and loud cheers from the other teams during the Opening Ceremony. The Olympics are played over a number of different activities, all played in a nail-biting head-to-head format. Directions and commentary are provided by a professional compere, whilst safety, scoring and supervision are provided by experienced darkstar event staff. Example activities include Inflatable Volleyball, Human Table Football, Gladiator Joust and the ancient art of Archery. A fast, frantic and hilarious  afternoon is guaranteed!


At the nail-biting Closing Ceremony the tension mounts as the scores are announced. Champagne and medals are presented to the winning team and the participants leave the Olympic arena to one final cheer from the crowd.

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