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School Sports Day

It’s time to relive your school days as we invite you to dig out your old gym kit one last time and join us on the playing field for your very own School Sports Day!


As the teams enter the field, our very own Principal Moody (complete with Mortar Board and Cape) will direct the ‘pupils’ to gather in front of our oversized blackboard for a stern lesson in fair (and safe!) play. Disruptive and naughty pupils will be suitably reprimanded and those who are ‘Prefect’ material will be rewarded from our tuck shop.


With the rules out of the way, the teams will participate in a number of traditional School Day Races from the much-loved Egg and Spoon race to the hilarious three-legged challenge. Each will be scored and the team with the most points at the end of the day will receive champagne (shh, don’t tell the principal) and medals so they can gloat to their fellow pupils about their win! With fancy dress rounds, a selection of your much-loved School Days tunes playing on our PA system and our staff dressed in hilarious costumes the teams are guaranteed to enjoy a competitive, hilarious and fun-filled day!

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