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Wild West

Yee-Ha! Pull on your cowboy boots and reach for the sky! As you swagger through the saloon doors, guns are blazing and arrows fly through the air… Join us at our Wild West themed party as we invite you to travel back in time to an authentic 1800s Western Town. ‘Wanted’ posters adorn the walls and cacti line the Main Street, the tables are set for dinner with bright chequered table cloths and hay bales are provided for relaxed seating.


Upon arrival, guests will receive a warm and hearty welcome from our very own cowboy and cowgirl hosts before being presented with their own Cowboy Stetson and Neckerchief. Throughout the evening, guests are invited to pull up a stool at the bar, swap heroic stories with their fellow men and try their hand at a spot of line dancing.


With a selection of much-loved western tunes filling the air, giant props, themed lighting and smoke effects, your room will be instantly transformed into a scene straight out of some of your favourite Western movies. Combine this with hearty fare, drinks flowing and a friendly line dancing instructor, and this is sure to be a night to remember!

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