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Winter Wonderland

Prepare yourself for a magical night as we invite you to join us in your very own Winter Wonderland. From snow drenched forests to an inviting log cabin, crisp white table linen and snowflakes dancing on the walls, this is sure to be a night to remember...

Upon arrival, warm your hands on a glass of mulled wine or sip on an icy blue cocktail as you mingle with the other guests. Indulge yourself from the sumptuous selection of treats at our white chocolate fountain or treat yourself to a delicious canapé. Then at Jack Frost’s call make your way through the smoke-filled entrance ways to take your seat for dinner where you will be dazzled with dramatic lighting effects and exquisite decorations. Snow covered trees will line the walls and the central stage will be offset by classic Winter scenes from a log cabin to two adorable reindeers. Soft blue lights will flood the walls and snowflakes will be projected around the room. The tables will be dressed with crisp white linen, offset with sparkling blue organza and a sprinkling of lights and smoke effects will add an abundance of mystery to the evening.

Our Winter Wonderland theming package promises a night of elegance, unforgettable entertainment and fond memories of winters past.

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